The Best Things To Do In San Francisco

San Francisco is fast becoming the hottest city to visit in the US. From culture, to coffee, to a bustling culinary scene, San Francisco has everything a visitor could ask for. It is therefore no surprise that California a huge tourist attraction not only for Americans but for people from across the world. Therefore it would be not a bad idea to have a look at the various things to do in San Francisco if you are a tourist trying to discover the wonderful city. The list of things to do is quite big as far as San Francisco is concerned. However, we will try and have a look at a few of them over the next few lines.

Ghirardelli Square

This is a waterfront in the Fisherman’s Wharf District. It is famous for quite a few things including the best of dining, wine tasting apart from the best of spas entertainment avenues, bars and restaurants. It also is famous for some of the best ice-cream shops and there also is a famous chocolate shop. The square also hosts a number of famous events each day. There are a number of original buildings that have been renovated and have been given a fresh look without robbing it of their uniqueness and originality. The central fountain is a major attraction and is a superb place to sit, relax and enjoy the ocean view.


Alcatraz Prison

This is a majestic island that is located in the San Francisco Bay. It was the site of the first lighthouse in 1954 and today it has become a major tourist attraction. Customers can enjoy a wonderful tour of the Muir Woods which comes with a stop in Sausalito. The ferry ride from the mainland to the island is an exhilarating experience making this as one of the must-visit places as far as this place is concerned.

Aquarium Of The Bay

This is a quality aquarium situated located in the Fisherman’s Wharf and is located near Pier 39. It is spread over an area of 4600 square meters. It is famous for the various types of local water creatures which inhabit the San Francisco bay and surrounding areas. It also is an aquarium which has been built with the objective of doing some useful research on the local shark population in the area. It also has special tanks for jelly fish, White Sturgeon and various types of Sevengill sharks. It certainly is a must visit place for those who love aqua life.

California Academy Of Sciences

This is a major attraction which is highly popular amongst those who have an avid interest for the stars, planets and also other forms of sea and water life. It is located at the Golden Gate Park and is considered to be one of the largest natural history museums in the world. However, it is quite crowded especially during holidays and weekends and therefore it would be advisable to book tickets online in advance to avoid wasting time in long queues. It certainly is a wonderful place to visit in San Francisco

Apart from the above there are dozens of others places of interest that specifically cater to the younger minds. San Francisco has one of the best nightlife opportunities for those seeking excitement and a bit of oomph.